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Civil Nuclear Police Authority

CNPA has oversight of, and employs, the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, a dedicated armed response capability for designated civil nuclear sites and designated nuclear material.

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Coal Authority

The Coal Authority works to protect the public and the environment in coal mining areas. It manages the effects of past coal mining in order to promote public safety and safeguard the landscape now and for future generations.

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Committee on Climate Change

The CCC was established under the Climate Change Act 2008 to advise the Government on emissions targets and to report to Parliament on progress made in reducing greenhouse gasses. The Adaptation Sub-Committee was formed in June 2009.

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Committee on Radioactive Waste Management

CoRWM's primary task is to provide independent scrutiny on the Government's (including Devolved Administrations) and Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's (NDA's) proposals, plans and programmes to deliver geological disposal, together with robust interim storage, as the long-term management option for the UK's higher activity wastes.

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Fuel Poverty Advisory Group

The Fuel Poverty Advisory Group's primary tasks are to consider and report on the effectiveness of current policies aiming to reduce fuel poverty; to consider and report on the case for greater co-ordination; to identify barriers to reducing fuel poverty and to developing effective partnerships and to propose solutions; to consider and report on any additional policies needed to reduce fuel poverty; to encourage key organisations to tackle fuel poverty; and to consider and report on the results of work to monitor fuel poverty.

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Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

The NDA's mission is to ensure that the historic civil, public sector, nuclear legacy sites are decommissioned safely, securely, cost effectively and in ways that protect the environment.

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Nuclear Liability Financing Assurance Board

NLFAB is a small advisory body set up to provide impartial scrutiny and advice on the suitability of the Funded Decommissioning Programme, submitted by operators of new nuclear power stations. The Board advises the Secretary of State on the financial arrangements that operators submit for approval, and on the regular review and ongoing scrutiny of funding.

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2015 General Election Guides

2015 Election Guide

Information about what to expect at the general election 2015, including timetable of events, results and guides.

Watch Politics

Watch political debates, party political broadcasts, PMQ's and interviews with party candidates and MPs.

City Outlook

How does your city compare with others across the UK, including population, employment and earnings.

UK Constituencies

Find out more about your local constituency, including local information, polls and MPs.

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