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Please note this website was created for the 2015 General Election. Due to the lack of preparation time, we have not updated this website for the 2017 Election. Why?

Towards the end of 2014, the two founders of this website (Chris Haycock and Mark Stevens) were chatting - in the pub - about the forthcoming General Election, and how the fringe political parties were beginning to make significant progress in connecting with voters.

With the rise of the smaller political parties, many have claimed that the mainstream parties have failed to win the hearts and minds of the electorate in recent years, and it can be said to a degree that government is no longer a three-horse race to the winning line.

This, of course gives us voters more choice in who we decide to vote for when it comes to the time we drop our voting slips into the ballot boxes, which can only be a good thing. However, as a result of populist policies making their way into party manifestos - as well as significant changes to their 2015 policies - it can also make it difficult to sift through the rhetoric to decide which party to ultimately vote for.

Enter 'Who Shall I Vote For?'. This website was borne out of frustration; being unable to compare policies side-by-side makes choosing the right party difficult. So, we set out creating a service that allows voters to check to see if their natural affiliation with their favourite party is correct. It also helps voters who are undecided, confused or 'sat on the fence'.

By taking our quiz you'll be able to see which political party is most suited to you. Answering a set of questions will help you to choose - or re-affirm - which party fits with your own ideals and beliefs.

So, why not get started now. Click on the green 'TAKE THE QUIZ' button anywhere on the site to begin your journey to enlightenment!

What they're saying...

Because we've just launched we don't yet have any testimonials. However, if you feel we've helped you in any way then why not drop us a line and tell us your story, and perhaps we'll feature it here.
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Because we've just launched we don't yet have any testimonials. However, if you feel we've helped you in any way then why not drop us a line and tell us your story, and perhaps we'll feature it here.
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About the team

Chris Haycock

Chris Haycock, Founder & CEO

Chris is a Digital Marketer and Managing Director of CliqTo Ltd, an independent digital publishing company with a significant portfolio of online brands, focusing on consumer and B2B digital resources and magazines.

His early years saw him spend his time travelling around the world in the Royal Navy for the first five years of his career, and is proud to have fought for his country in active service during the 1991 Gulf War (Operation Desert Shield).

Today, Chris spends much of his time looking after his twin four-year-old girls, as well as looking after his growing business.

Get in touch with Chris via his website Twitter, Google+ or email:

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Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens, Founder

Mark has worked in education since 2000 and is now an Assistant Headteacher of a comprehensive school in Staffordshire. Mark moved into the field of education after completing his studies in Marine Biology and now somehow finds himself as far from the coast as is possible in the UK!

During his teaching career Mark has encouraged students to take an active interest in politics and is excited at this venture, hoping it will encourage more people to dig into the policies behind the parties.

When not involved in teaching or web site design, Mark can be found reading to, cooking with and entertaining his two young daughters.

Get in touch with Mark via Twitter, Google+ or email:

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