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Please note this website was created for the 2015 General Election. Due to the lack of preparation time, we have not updated this website for the 2017 Election. Why?

  • Monday 30th March 2015


    House of commons

    Prorogation marks the end of a session of Parliament to give way to the State Opening of Parliament. The Queen will read the announcement in the House of Lords, and sets out the major Bills that have been passed during the session as well as other measures taken by the Government.

  • Monday 30th March 2015

    Dissolution of Parliament

    Parliament will dissolve, and a proclamation made to announce when Parliament will meet following the 2015 general election. The date that the Queen's Speech will be set, and writs will be issued for elections in the 650 constituencies.

  • TBA

    Voter Registration Deadline

    This is the cut-off date for eligible voters to register to allow them to vote in the 2015 General Election. Candidates' nomination papers must be delivered to the local returning officer, and candidates who want to withdraw from the election need to have done so by this date.

  • Thursday 7th May 2015

    Election Day

    Voters need to place their votes at polling booths across the UK on this day. Polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm, and counting of votes cast will commence after 10pm when the polls close.

  • TBA

    Return of Parliament 2015

    Parliament will return, with MPs swearing the Oath of Allegiance or making an Affirmation in the Commons. Members of the House of Lords will start to swear the Oath of Allegiance or make an Affirmation in the House of Lords.

  • TBA

    The Queens Speech 2015

    The Queen will read out 'The Queen's Speech' during the State Opening of Parliament. Produced by the government, it outlines the policies and proposed legislations for parliament in the coming year.

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