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Political Parties

Here is a list of the offical websites for all the main political parties in the UK.

Alliance Party
VISIT WEBSITEOfficial website of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland.

Co-operative Party
VISIT WEBSITEAs the political party of the co-operative movement, we're working to promote co-operative and mutual solutions for a better UK. In partnership with Labour.

Conservative Party
VISIT WEBSITEThe Conservative Party, led by David Cameron, has a long-term economic plan which builds a stronger, healthier economy and secures a better future for Britain.

Democratic Unionist Party
VISIT WEBSITEThe official site of the Democratic Unionist Party. Read the latest Party news, find your local Representative, watch videos and find out about our policies.

Green Party
VISIT WEBSITEA vote for the Green Party means standing up for the rights and welfare of the many – not just the privileged few. You can place your trust in Green politicians. We are not afraid to stand up and defend the things that we believe in.

Labour Party
VISIT WEBSITEOfficial website of the Labour party.

Liberal Democrat Party
VISIT WEBSITEThe Liberal Democrats are working to build a stronger economy in a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life.

Plaid Cymru
VISIT WEBSITEPlaid is the National party of Wales, we're ambitious for our nation and all its people - Plaid Cymru yw'r blaid genedlaethol i bawb yng Nghymru. Rydym yn uchelgeisiol i Gymru a'i phobl.

Progressive Unionist Party
VISIT WEBSITEOfficial website of the Progressive Unionist Party.

Respect Party
VISIT WEBSITERespect is an acronym of Respect, Equality, Socialism, Peace, Environmentalism, Community and Trade Unionism. We are a British left-wing party committed to standing in defence of the values of Peace, Justice & Equality.

Scottish Labour Party
VISIT WEBSITEOfficial website for the Scottish Labour Party.

Scottish Liberal Democrats
VISIT WEBSITEOfficial website for the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Scottish National Party
VISIT WEBSITEOfficial website of the Scottish National Party.

Scottish National Party
VISIT WEBSITEThe SNP is a social democratic political party committed to Scottish independence. The party has been at the forefront of the campaign for Scottish independence for over seven decades.

Scottish Socialist Party
VISIT WEBSITEOfficial website for the Scottish Socialist Party.

VISIT WEBSITEThe SDLP’s vision is a reconciled people living in a united, just and prosperous new Ireland. As The party of civil rights, the SDLP is working for an Ireland free from poverty, prejudice and injustice.

Sinn Fein
VISIT WEBSITEOfficial website of Sinn Fein.

UK Independence Pary
VISIT WEBSITEOfficial site of UKIP, led by Nigel Farage. Sign up to our mailing list for regular updates from the party.

Ulster Unionist Party
VISIT WEBSITEOfficial website of the Ulster Unionist Party.

2015 General Election Guides

2015 Election Guide

Information about what to expect at the general election 2015, including timetable of events, results and guides.

Watch Politics

Watch political debates, party political broadcasts, PMQ's and interviews with party candidates and MPs.

City Outlook

How does your city compare with others across the UK, including population, employment and earnings.

UK Constituencies

Find out more about your local constituency, including local information, polls and MPs.

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