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Please note this website was created for the 2015 General Election. Due to the lack of preparation time, we have not updated this website for the 2017 Election. Why?

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Youth Select Committee 2015

30 December 1899

Prof.Peter Fonagy, Clinical Director of Mental Health for NHS England chairs a Youth Select Committee report on Mental Health.

Daily Politics Economy Debate

30 December 1899

A Daily Politics special debate on the economy. Robert Peston, Chris Leslie, Patrick O'Flynn and others discuss the British economy.

Leaders Debate Live

30 December 1899

Watch live coverage of the ITV Leaders' Debate, streamed live from Sky News on Youtube.

Cameron and Miliband - Battle for Number Ten

30 December 1899

Jeremy Paxman interviews party leaders David Cameron & Ed Miliband on Sky/Channel4.

Ask the Chancellors

30 December 1899

Chancellor George Osborne and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls answer questions on Sky News.

2010 Election Debate

15 April 2010

First ever live television debate between the Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem party leaders.


2010 Election Debate

First ever live television debate between the Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem party leaders.
First broadcast on 15 April 2010

On the 15th April 2010 the UK watched the first ever live television debate between Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat leaders, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

Hosted by Manchester, the debate was a British first. Presented by Alastair Stewart, the hour-and-a-half long debate focused on domestic affairs, and took questions from the studio audience after some opening statements by the party leaders.

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